[Tickets #56] Re: IMP maintenance should apply to a configurable folder set.

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Wed Jan 9 18:51:15 UTC 2008


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 Ticket             | 56
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 Summary            | IMP maintenance should apply to a configurable folder set.
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brook at linuxbox.com (2008-01-09 13:51) wrote:

Okay, so finally catching back up with this.  I've got nearly everything
completed Chuck's suggestions, just a quick question before I submit a
patch (IMP only at this point).

I'm testing out the suggestion of letting the locked preference
'purge_folders' dictate whether users can enable or disable folder purges
(removing other, redundant preferences and config parameters that did this
in the old patch).  

I'm thinking of not displaying my per-folder preferences, which are stored
an implicit preference, if purge_folders is set to 0 and locked.  However,
when I go to check this case from within my template include file (using
$prefs->getValue() and $prefs->isLocked()), I'm hitting some weird cases. 

As a user, I had previously set purge_folders to 0.  Then, as an
administrator, I set it to 1 and locked it (always run purge folders) in
the prefs.php file.  For some reason, the prefs function returns my
user-set value, but also that the preference is locked.  

So, my question is:  Is it the responsibility of the administrator to
clear out these preference values from the preference storage backend, then
lock, or is there a reason why the user preference value overrides the one
set and locked by the administrator in the prefs.php file ?  Is it the
programmer's responsibility to wipe out old values after the preference is
locked, or is this not advisable ?

Thanks for any clarification.  Patches today or tomorrow.

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