[Tickets #6076] Re: New folder creation/rename interface lets users type in dots

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Fri Jan 11 19:10:04 UTC 2008


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 Ticket             | 6076
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 Summary            | New folder creation/rename interface lets users type in dots
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Michael Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org> (2008-01-11 14:10) wrote:

> Dots create subfolders.

No.  Dots create subfolders *if* your delimiter is '.'.  But there is no
requirement that the delimiter is '.'.  it could be '/' (as in UW-imap), or
',', or 'j'.  

> Jan argues that this is a "feature" but I'm 
> thinking about the majority of users who would type in a dot and be 
> startled to see (or not notice) a subfolder.
> Also multiple dots can cause the IMAP server to reject the name which 
> can frustrate ordinary users.

We had a long discussion about this, but unfortunately the discussion took
place in a non-public forum.  One of the other points somebody brought up
(I think it was chuck) is that it is impossible to create a container
folder in certain IMAP servers unless you allow users to type in the
delimiter characters.

> I propose the interface not allow users to type in dots like the 
> previous interface did. (advanced users can still paste in dots). 
> There is already a straight-forward familiar way to create subfolders.

The previous interface *did* allow you to enter dots (i'm trying it out
right now).  The only way to prevent you from entering dots would be to
have some sort of javascript event observing code, and we have never had
this in dimp.

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