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Wed Jan 30 14:43:30 UTC 2008


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 Ticket             | 6141
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 Summary            | application/mac binhex40 attachments don't show
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 Type               | Enhancement
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 Owners             | Horde Developers, Michael Slusarz
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d_clark at osba-ohio.org (2008-01-30 09:43) wrote:


Thanks for you reply. I agree there are two different issues, understand
the 2nd, and have experienced it (binhex40 decoding issue). However, the
first problem does still exist. I decided, then, to try changing the
encoding on the client to "data only", so it appears as
[application/octet-stream], attachments still do not show up unless you
save the message. They do show, however, in other programs, such as
SquirrelMail, which I set up for the time being (in which, you do have to
use Firefox to get the BinHex attachments to decode properly as you were

It must be something between horde and the Quickmail IMAP server...I'm
hoping to change over to something more current in the near future on our
server side anyway.

>> I can send an email natively from a mac client with an encoded
>> attachment to one of you if you wish - to see if the attachments show
>> up for you..
> It sounds like we are talking about 2 different issues here.  You 
> seem to be complaining that the attachment (named 
> 'HB_190_chart_v3.doc') is not appearing as an attachment at all.  
> However, as mentioned by Jan and confirmed by me, this report is 
> bogus - the attachment shows up fine.
> The issue is instead when a user tries to download the file.  Since 
> it is encoded in binhex40, a user on any non-Mac (Windows, for 
> example) that tries to download the file (using a browser other than 
> FF 2) will simply download the text of the encoded file.  This is not 
> desirable since most OS's do not contain a binhex decode utility.  
> What needs to be done is to provide a link for these users (doing 
> browser/OS sniffing) that allows the user to download the data 
> contained in the encoded data.  Since it appears there is no PHP 
> code/library that does decoding of binhex data, this will need to be 
> done via an external program (such as UUDeview).

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