[Tickets #6043] Re: php-error on login page caused by lib/Horde/Share.php (kolab)

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Mon Mar 3 08:00:27 UTC 2008


Ticket URL: http://dev.horde.org/horde/whups/ticket/6043
 Ticket             | 6043
 Updated By         | Gunnar Wrobel <p at rdus.de>
 Summary            | php-error on login page caused by lib/Horde/Share.php (kolab)
 Queue              | Kolab
 Type               | Bug
 State              | Feedback
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 Owners             | Gunnar Wrobel

Gunnar Wrobel <p at rdus.de> (2008-03-03 03:00) wrote:

> hi gunnar,
>> Hm, I'm not certain about this one.
>> _shareMap is initialized as empty array in the class. So if you call
>> getShares with a set of ids, they should end up in $missing_ids.
>> Now getShares() will try to fetch these missing shares. If it fails
>> there, since the share does not exist, it will return a PEAR error.
>> So I don't think checking for an empty shareMap is really necessary.
>> From what you post I get the impression that the _listShare()
>> function within Share/kolab.php is the culprit in this case. Can you
>> check what this function is returning when the sequence
>> listTaskLists() -> listShares() -> _listShares() (nag/lib/Nag.php ->
>> Share.php -> Share/kolab.php) gets executed? Thanks!
> note: i am talking about pre-login stage. at this point IMAP auth 
> fails in __wakeup in class Horde_share_kolab.
> _listShares() / Share/kolab.php is not reached without authentication.
> mike

I'm probably being dumb on this one but I still fail to see the

In your original message you propose to fix the getShares() function
within Share.php.  You associated that with a few lines of log messages
that all point to locations where the listShares() function gets called.
This seems to make sense to me because listShares() actually calls
getShares() with the result from _listShares().

Now you say the wakeup() call is causing the problem but I fail to see the
connection to getShares(). Can you provide the complete sequence of
function calls? Does the error occur when the login page is shown and you
did not enter any values yet? Or does it occur when you entered user and
pass and the system tries to auth against imap?

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