[Tickets #6043] Re: php-error on login page caused by lib/Horde/Share.php (kolab)

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Mon Mar 3 12:07:25 UTC 2008


Ticket URL: http://dev.horde.org/horde/whups/ticket/6043
 Ticket             | 6043
 Updated By         | m.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
 Summary            | php-error on login page caused by lib/Horde/Share.php (kolab)
 Queue              | Kolab
 Type               | Bug
 State              | Feedback
 Priority           | 3. High
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 Owners             | Gunnar Wrobel

m.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de (2008-03-03 07:07) wrote:


>> hi gunnar,
>>> Hm, I'm not certain about this one.
>>> _shareMap is initialized as empty array in the class. So if you call
>>> getShares with a set of ids, they should end up in $missing_ids.
>>> Now getShares() will try to fetch these missing shares. If it fails
>>> there, since the share does not exist, it will return a PEAR error.
>>> So I don't think checking for an empty shareMap is really necessary.
>>> From what you post I get the impression that the _listShare()
>>> function within Share/kolab.php is the culprit in this case. Can you
>>> check what this function is returning when the sequence
>>> listTaskLists() -> listShares() -> _listShares() (nag/lib/Nag.php ->
>>> Share.php -> Share/kolab.php) gets executed? Thanks!
>> note: i am talking about pre-login stage. at this point IMAP auth
>> fails in __wakeup in class Horde_share_kolab.
>> _listShares() / Share/kolab.php is not reached without authentication.
>> mike
> I'm probably being dumb on this one but I still fail to see the
> In your original message you propose to fix the getShares() function 
> within Share.php.  You associated that with a few lines of log 
> messages that all point to locations where the listShares() function 
> gets called. This seems to make sense to me because listShares() 
> actually calls getShares() with the result from _listShares().

i am actually not sure any more if the logfile entries i posted really
relate to the php-error on the login page. i will explain the whole issue i
observe during the login process further below.

> Now you say the wakeup() call is causing the problem but I fail to 
> see the connection to getShares(). Can you provide the complete 
> sequence of function calls? Does the error occur when the login page 
> is shown and you did not enter any values yet? Or does it occur when 
> you entered user and pass and the system tries to auth against imap?

ISSUE 1 (probably needs a separate ticket):
when i visit my horde website i observe quite a delay loading the page
(you can currently also view the php-error there that is described below):

this delay is probably related to some horde functions trying to retrieve
information from the KOLAB IMAP server, but the server replies with an auth
failure ("badlogin: localhost [] plaintext  SASL(-1): generic
failure: All-whitespace username.").

however, i do not really have a clue what horde is looking for on the imap
server. is it possible to view IMAP data (e.g. a totally public calendar)
prior to user login???

after a little while the login page appears. without the change described
in this bug ticket i get the reported php-error. i currently wonder if this
bug is actually related to my personal fix of ticket 6048...
($this->_shareMap[$cid] does not get set by getShareById()).

i will check with CVS version...


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