[Tickets #6595] Re: Add another webdav directory level for share owners

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Fri May 2 01:10:23 UTC 2008


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/6595
 Ticket             | 6595
 Updated By         | Ben Klang <ben at alkaloid.net>
 Summary            | Add another webdav directory level for share owners
 Queue              | Nag
 Version            | HEAD
 Type               | Enhancement
 State              | Assigned
 Priority           | 1. Low
 Milestone          | 2.2
 Patch              |
 Owners             | Ben Klang

Ben Klang <ben at alkaloid.net> (2008-05-01 21:10) wrote:

> What's left here? the HTTP_CONTENT_LENGTH issue is a bug in
> Http_WebDav_Server, so that doesn't need to hold this up.
I got a note back from Hartmut indicating this bug is now fixed in PEAR

> Also, do we want to/can we support uploading of single .ics files to
> replace/add individual tasks in put()?
Uploading a single .ics does work with the code in CVS right now as that
is what I primarily tested.  There are two things left:

1) Fully test PUTting individual tasks into the tasklist folder.  I think
mrubinsk may have tested this a bit but I haven't yet myself.

2) Deny deleting the .ics file or tasklist folder itself.  Based on
testing feedback and conversations in IRC the ability to delete an entire
tasklist from WebDAV will probably end up being more confusing for users
than useful.  This should be the case at least until we get tasklist
creation working either by creating a folder or by PUTting a new .ics file.
 We will still allow deletion of individual tasks within the tasklist
folder though.

Both of those items are fairly straightforward though so barring any more
bugs we should be able to close this one pretty quickly.

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