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Tue May 20 12:05:09 UTC 2008


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/6722
 Ticket             | 6722
 Updated By         | adrieder at sbox.tugraz.at
 Summary            | persistent_params not set or asked in conf.xml
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 Version            | HEAD
 Type               | Bug
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adrieder at sbox.tugraz.at (2008-05-20 08:05) wrote:

>> When using e.g. the sql session handler together with memcache
>> conf.xml is not setting or asking for the persistent_params used in
>> SessionHandler.php.
>>         if ($driver == 'memcached') {
>>             // Trap for old driver name.
>>             $driver = 'memcache';
>>         } elseif (($driver != 'memcache') &&
!empty($params['memcache'])) {
>>             $driver = 'memcache';
>>             unset($params['memcache']);
>>             $persistent_params = array('persistent_driver' =>
>> $driver, 'persistent_params' => $params);
>>             $params = null;
>>         }
> Why do we need to define 'persistent_params' in conf.xml?  All this
> code is doing is saving the original params (for the persistent
> driver) so that the memcache driver can later pass these params on to
> the persistent driver.  It's just a temporary holding place to allow
> us to pass driver information between classes.  $driver is replaced
> with 'memcache' and $params is replaced with the params needed for
> the 'memcache' driver, so we need a way to make sure the original
> values aren't blown away.

Now when trying to understand this and get everything right, shouldn't
"$driver = 'memcache';" be set after setting the "$persistent_params" array
to which "$driver" is passed? When I read the code above, then "memcache"
is passed to this array, is this intended?

Sorry if this question is stupid, but I couldn't figure out something else
that causes my sessions not to be saved in the sql session table.

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