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 Ticket             | 6806
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 Summary            | Ingo should activate script using default settings
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 Version            | 1.2
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amg1127 at cefetrs.tche.br (2008-06-01 17:12) wrote:

> I don't agree. I don't think it a good idea to enable any of the
> special rules by default, filtering should only be enabled on the
> user's request.

In my production environment, all new and existing users want spam to be
filtered. I never heard users asking how to receive spam in their INBOX,
but already heard users asking to stop receiving spam.

Several mail providers (Gmail, Windows Live, Terra) enable spam filtering
by default. In my production environment, this filtering is also enabled,
but without an option to disable or to change spam score yet, because it is
a global filter. Users also can not indicate incorrectly detected messages
to this filter.

With Ingo 1.2, I could configure SpamAssassin with user preferences,
enable the IMP "Report Spam" and "Report Inoccent" links, and give to users
all control over spam filtering. But I should enable this filter by default
in new accounts - else, I will begin to hear a lot of users asking to stop
receiving spam and I will need to teach that users about Ingo settings.
Believe in me, some users in my production environment do not want to learn
those "advanced topics in webmail service", they just want to use webmail
and to not receive spam...

I am using GOsa (Gonicus System Administration) for account management and
did not find an option to enable spam filtering at account creation time.
Things can be worse - others administrators may prefer to add users
directly in OpenLDAP directory, instead of using GOsa...

The best solution for me is to enable spam filtering within Ingo. IMAP and
POP services are disabled, so users will have spam filtering enabled just
in first usage.

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