[Tickets #7319] Re: Add new contact uses [default_dir] and not [sync_books]

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Thu Sep 11 13:12:44 UTC 2008


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  Ticket             | 7319
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  Summary            | Add new contact uses [default_dir] and not [sync_books]
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Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org> (2008-09-11 09:12) wrote:

>>> Upgrading from Horde 3.1 to Horde 3.2 raises an issue about the
>>> format of the pref['default_dir'] which contained 'localsql' (Horde
>>> 3.1) and should now contain 'firstname.lastname' (Horde 3.2).
>> I have no idea what you mean with this sentence.
> We had a Horde 3.1 platform, and now we are moving to Horde 3.2 but
> we are keeping the same database. So values of user options are kept
> (from horde_prefs table). We notice that the format of the
> ['default_dir'] option has changed between Horde 3.1 (it was
> localsql) and Horde 3.2 (it is now firstname.lastname).

Is "firstname.lastname" the user name, i.e. the name that users use to  
login with? Otherwise it doesn't make any sense, because the address  
book names have nothing to do with names.

If this is the user name, then this is the correct behavior, if you  
use shares with the localsql source. Read the upgrading instructions  
and check the mailing list archive.

Regarding the default_dir vs. sync_books, there is not much we can do  
at the moment, because the import function is not only used for SyncML  
but for other imports too.

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