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Sat Sep 27 19:34:36 UTC 2008


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  Ticket             | 5971
  Updated By         | xk3 at mompl.org
  Summary            | Add support for contact photos with ability to sync
  Queue              | Turba
  Version            | HEAD
  Type               | Enhancement
  State              | Resolved
  Priority           | 1. Low
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  Owners             | Jan Schneider

xk3 at mompl.org (2008-09-27 15:34) wrote:

Hi, just upgraded to current turba 2.3
and run into some problems with PHOTO

1) storing contact without a photo in LDAP

The attribute array always contains an array for the photo item. If
there is no photo set, this array is empty, but is not catched by the
function _emptyAttributeFilter in turba/lib/Driver/ldap.php. This
results in an error in _add to LDAP. Stripping empty arrays too solves
at least this problem.

     function _emptyAttributeFilter($var)
         if (!is_array($var)) {
             return ($var != '');
         } else {
             if (count($var) == 0) { return false; }    <<===
             foreach ($var as $v) {

Storing in turba DB doesn't show this bug, but photos are stored as 0B
blobs instead of NULL blobs.

2) base64 is terminated by a blank line, so eliminate it before
    matching the following vCalender attributes. Otherwise the name of
    one following PHOTO will start with a \r\n, so it will be
    discarded afterward

    in /lib/Horde/iCalendar.php

         // Unfold any folded lines.
-       $vCal = preg_replace('/[\r\n]+[ \t]/', '', $vCal);
+       $vCal = preg_replace('/[\r\n]+[ \t]+/', '', $vCal);
+       $vCal = preg_replace('/\r\n\r\n/', "\r\n", $vCal);

    (First line only beautifies the base64 code by stripping all
    whitespace. The second line does the necessary work by deleting all
    blank lines.)

    and add the blank line in /turba/lib/Driver.php again before
    sending to mobile:

             case 'photo':
             case 'logo':
                 $params = array('ENCODING' => 'base64');
                 if (isset($hash[$key . 'type'])) {
                     $params['TYPE'] = $hash[$key . 'type'];
-                                    base64_encode($val),
+                                    base64_encode($val) . "\r\n",

3) Browsing the address book with photo as a visible column results in a
    warning per entry containing a photo:

    Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array
    given in  
    on line 90

        if ($ob->hasValue($this->columns[$c - 1])) {
         $value = $ob->getValue($this->columns[$c - 1]);
-        $shown_columns[$c] = htmlspecialchars($value)
+        $shown_columns[$c] = is_array($value) ? $value :  
         if ($type == 'email') {

    No thinking on my side, just getting rid of this warning, so check

4) In toHash and tovCard, the encoding of a photo is tested against
    and set to 'b'. Is that a valid encoding name at all? Changed
    it to 'base64' and it worked again. In turba/lib/Driver.php

             case 'photo':
             case 'logo':
-               $params = array('ENCODING' => 'b');
+               $params = array('ENCODING' => 'base64');

                 if (!isset($item['params']['ENCODING']) ||
-                   String::lower($item['params']['ENCODING']) != 'b') {
+                   String::lower($item['params']['ENCODING']) != 'base64') {
                     // Invalid property.

5) Finally, how am I supposed to delete a photo from a contact or save
    it to a local file (e.g. for doing some cropping stuff in an external
    tool)? There are no delete and save buttons as for a common file.

Having this patched, I can add (ldap), change, view and sync photos


PS: any thoughts on adding crop support? Photos taken by mobiles have  
a stupid format for contact photos. Otherwise, I could live with as  
save as local file button.

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