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Sat Nov 29 16:56:57 UTC 2008


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  Ticket             | 7739
  Updated By         | emeric.jhelil at univ-lemans.fr
  Summary            | Folders tree not updated after an add (new) folder
                     | action
  Queue              | DIMP
  Version            | 1.1
  Type               | Bug
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emeric.jhelil at univ-lemans.fr (2008-11-29 11:53) wrote:

Installation infos : horde-webmail-1.2 ; php-5.2.6 ; debian etch
Tested web browsers : Mozilla firefox, IE7, Safari 3.2 for  
windows (all on OS windows XP SP3)

By Dimp interface, after the creation of a new folder, I don't see the  
new folder dynamically added to the folders tree.
I need to refresh the page to see the new folder in the folders tree.

I remarked that this behaviour doesn't occur when I have another  
virtual folder in addition to the virtual inbox.

For instance, I try to create the folder "foo".
If I have no other virtual folder but the virtual inbox, then :
- I get the message 'The folder "foo" was successfully created'.
But :
- The folder "foo" doesn't appear in the folders tree.

Setting the javascript debugging and using dimp/js/src produces an alert :
with Firefox :
  doActionComplete callback: TypeError-$(elt) has no properties
with IE7
   doActionComplete callback: TypeError-'null' is null or not an object

Refreshing the page corrects the situation :
- The folder "foo" appears successfully in the folders tree.

So, if I have created a virtual folder by Imp interface, then when I  
connect to the webmail by Dimp interface, a new created folder  
dynamically appears in the folders tree without refreshing the page.

I don't know if it's due to my configuration (admin config ? or user  
config ?).

I tried to understand and it seems to be caused by the virtual folders.
The getFolderResponse (horde/dimp/lib/DIMP.php) result contains the  
new folder in the array a but the "Virtual Folders%" in the array c too.
Then it makes the _folderCallback function  
(horde/dimp/js/src/DimpBase.js) fails when it manages the changed  
folders. And it doesn't continue managing the added folders.
More precisely :
_folderCallback calls
   changeFolder which calls
     deleteFolderElt sets f to null by the instruction
       var f = $(fid); (because there is no fldVirtual_Folders_) then calls
       DimpCore.removeMouseEvents(f) which wraps
         DimpBase._removeMouseEvents which fails on the instruction
           var d, id = $(elt).readAttribute('id'); with elt that is null

I think that it is linked to the re-creation of the virtual folders.  
After the deletion of the virtual inbox, its parent folder is empty.  
So during the re-creation of the virtual inbox, its parent is marked  
"changed" and it finishes to appear in the changed folders.

If I am not on a wrong trail, a part of the calls is :
with Folder as horde/imp/lib/Folder.php, Search as  
horde/imp/lib/Search.php, Tree as horde/imp/lib/IMAP/Tree.php
Folder.create calls
   Search.sessionSetup(true) which calls
     Search.createVINBOXFolder which calls
       Search.addVFolder (by the else branch of if (empty($vinbox_id))  
) which calls
         Search._updateIMPTree(add... which calls
           Tree.insertVFolders which calls
             Tree.insert which calls
               Tree._insertElt which sets
                 $this-->_eltdiff[$elt['p']]['changed'] = true;  
(because its parent is empty)

I tried a modification to prevent the getFolderResponse result to  
contain the virtual folders in the changed folders array c.
I modified horde/dimp/lib/DIMP.php (v1.110.2.32) :
please see attached patch dimp_addfolder.patch.

It corrects the problem : without any other virtual folders but the  
virtual inbox, the creation of a new folder is dynamically added to  
the folders tree with Dimp interface.
It works on all the tested web browsers mentionned above.

Moreover, during my tries, I remarked in horde/imp/lib/IMAP/Tree.php  
(v, the function delete uses the instruction :
$vfolder_base = ($id == IMPTREE_VFOLDER_LABEL);
but shouldn't it be ?
$vfolder_base = ($id == IMPTREE_VFOLDER_KEY);
Because when I logged the function, it seems to be the key and not the  
label that was used.

Thanks for reading and help.

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