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Fri Jan 9 04:55:08 UTC 2009


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  Ticket             | 7828
  Updated By         | ehymel at e-medico.com
  Summary            | Multiple identities not saving in imp/horde
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | HEAD
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Unconfirmed
  Priority           | 2. Medium
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ehymel at e-medico.com (2009-01-08 23:55) wrote:

> I got the same problem. The cause was an empty value in
> $conf[prefs][params][table] (the laste item in Administration ->
> Setup -> Horde -> Preference System).
> Set this value to your preference table (default is horde_prefs)

As you said, the default is horde_prefs and that is what I have always  
used. I put the default in anyway and the behavior does not change. I  
cannot create another identity.

Some more details about the behavior.

1. I can create an identity, let's call it id1 and save all  
corresponding information. That identity will work as expected in  
email and I can edit the details of id1 with no problem.
2. If I now create a new identity, say id2, horde acts as if it saves.  
But when I go back to "Personal Information" the "Default Identity" is  
now listed as id2, and all information about that identity is blank.  
Further, both id1 and id2 are missing from the drop-down list of  
identities. Instead, there is a listing in the drop-down list that has  
an empty name with no information saved in that blank name identity.
3. If I delete that blank identity, the resulting information message  
says "id2 deleted", then reverts back to id1 as my default, although  
now id1 contains no information.

The other users on my server can still see identities created several  
months ago, but just like me, if they try to create a new identity  
then all identities are lost.

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