[Tickets #7480] Re: Switch to colors by calendar instead of colors by category

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Tue Feb 3 07:56:24 UTC 2009


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  Ticket             | 7480
  Updated By         | hordelist at quantentunnel.de
  Summary            | Switch to colors by calendar instead of colors by
                     | category
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  Type               | Enhancement
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hordelist at quantentunnel.de (2009-02-03 02:56) wrote:

Don't remove colors by category, keep colors by calendar optional as  
suggested by Jan in comment #6.

Our use case for Kronolith is a small office with multiple calendars  
for ppl. taking appointments. We have 5 - 6 categories for the  
different appointments so it's easy to see if we can take more than  
one appointment for a person at the same time (depending on category)  
or if e.g. the person is out of the office.

Guess this is a many categories vs. many shared calendars thing.

Maybe it's better to create an option to display the calendar name  
below an event like it's done for a location. Or for the category -  
which would be a good enhancement of the print version. Color printers  
are rare, most ppl. use black & white for printing and you can't  
distinguish the categories on the print out.

Our categories are centralized in the config file and locked. If a  
there's still an easy way to provide the same categories for all  
calendars in the config, then i guess i'm ok with this.

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