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  Ticket             | 7877
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  Summary            | removing user data
  Queue              | Turba
  Version            | 2.3.1
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  Owners             | Michael Rubinsky

dom.lalot at gmail.com (2009-03-09 03:57) wrote:

Oops.. Sorry for the delay, I did not see your post

> Currently the removeUserData api will only attempt to remove a user's
> *default* share to reduce the possibility of accidentally deleting
> shares that other users may have data in.  A default share is only
> designated as a default share if, when the user initially logs in,
> there is *no* other source that the user has access to.
> So, my guess is that your 'localsql' shares that are not being
> removed are not defined as 'default' shares.

What do you mean?

in turba prefs.php

// Address books to be displayed in the address book selection widget
// and in the Browse menu item.  The address book name is stored using
// the source key from sources.php (e.g. "localsql").  Separate
// entries with "\n" , e. g. 'value' => "localsql\nlocalldap" (the
// double quotes are REQUIRED).  If 'value' is empty (''), all address
// books that the user has permissions to will be listed.
$_prefs['addressbooks'] = array(
     'value' => '',
     'locked' => false,
     'shared' => false,
     'type' => 'implicit',

// Default directory
$_prefs['default_dir'] = array(
     'value' => '',
     // 'value' => 'localsql',
     'locked' => false,
     'shared' => false,
     'type' => 'select',
     'desc' => _("This will be the default address book when adding or  
importing contacts."),

my setup:

default_dir has been commented out as it has side effect (If I  
remember, localsql was not good when in shared mode..). In imp, there  
is a prefs to say where to add contacts and I added also a hook for  
seaerch sources (imp or kronolith) in horde/config/hooks.php:
function _prefs_hook_search_sources($username = null)

Anyway leaving default_dir blank, everything is working perfectly

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