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  Summary            | 'Accept and update event' fault
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wimmer at zcu.cz (2009-05-18 04:37) wrote:

>> step 3 - user F grants access permissions 'Show', 'Read' and 'Edit'
>> for his calendar to user W
>>     - "The event was added to your calendar."
>>   but it is not true - no event is inserted into his calendar  -> [bug]
>>   (maybe it is re-inserted in calendar of user F?)
> No, the event in F's calendar should be updated. Please confirm that
> it is. We should change the message for this case though.

your answer amazes me.

Yes, when W chooses 'Accept and update in my calendar', I see that  
event was updated
in F's calendar (there is new line "Last Modified   ..date... by W",   
but "Response" stays in "Required" status though in record of that  

But in spite of it - I would say this behavior is not good.

1) I (as the user W) need/wish to have written accepted event in My  
calendar - I need/wish to see it in My calendar - I don't see it now  
when I don't have subscribed F's shared calendar.
When I accepted event, it should be written to My calendar - or you  
don't agree with it?
2) when event accepted by myself is not written to My calendar, it is  
not written to my other sychronized calendars on other devices (PDA,  
desktop clients) and I have no information about
it there.
3) I think that is not good, when My calendar updates are depending on  
settings of other users
(when they grant me permissions to their calendars or not) and I  
cannot change it. Or can I?

with all respect to your and all Horde team great work,

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