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  Summary            | Outlook 2007 WebDAV Not Publishing
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rmcauley at ca.afilias.info (2009-06-19 14:21) wrote:

> Since when does Outlook support WebDAV? How did you setup Outlook?

Outlook 2007 shipped with WebDAV support.  Go to the All Folders view,  
right click on Calendar, "Publish to Internet", "Publish to WebDAV  
Server."  It'll even do it automatically when you make updates to your  

> Apache is probably returning that error, not Horde. Did you check  
> the web server logs?

Horde itself states "500 Internal Server Error" in its own logs.    
Around line 157 of "/var/www/html/horde-prod/lib/Horde/RPC/webdav.php".

> Yeah, great. :) How is this supposed to work if Outlook is sending  
> no content, and that to wrong address?

Well, that's the problem I'm trying to work around - people can get  
Outlook uploading to iPHP Calendar via WebDAV and to Apache 2 WebDAV  
folders, so while the problem is Outlook, I don't think the  
solution/workaround lies in Outlook.

> Of course, because it's wrong.

Yes, it is wrong, which is why I've been trying to fix it with Apache  
rewrite rules to be correct. (renaming username/My_Calendar.ics to  
username/username.ics using a regex)  However, Horde doesn't seem to  
pick up on the rewrite, even though the rewrite is definitely applied  
according to Apache logs. (perhaps Horde is relying on what Outlook is  
sending as the URL?  Outlook doesn't follow redirects for WebDAV, only  

>> 1. If the user-agent is Outlook, preg_replace $path s/_Calendar.ics$/.ics/
> Ugly, but could be a workaround.
>> 2. Hard-code an entry into $list in webdav.php's _list function to
>> return a username_Calendar.ics entry
> Even uglier. What if Outlook at any point in time gets fixed suddenly?

If Outlook gets fixed at any point, we can rely on many users not updating. :)

> What the user agent of Outlook anyway?

On my Windows XP VM, the user-agent is pretty distinct: Microsoft  
Office/12.0 (Windows NT 5.1; Microsoft Office Outlook 12.0.6425; Pro)

> And finally, how would that fix Outlook not sending any content?

I'm just wondering if Outlook isn't sending anything, possibly because  
of the feedback it's getting from Horde when Outlook does its PROPFIND.

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