[Tickets #8533] Net_IMSP abook contacts with leading/trailing space in name break turba browsing

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Thu Aug 27 19:38:48 UTC 2009


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  Ticket             | 8533
  Created By         | noah at lsit.ucsb.edu
  Summary            | Net_IMSP abook contacts with leading/trailing space in
                     | name break turba browsing
  Queue              | Horde Framework Packages
  Version            | HEAD
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Unconfirmed
  Priority           | 1. Low
  Milestone          |
  Patch              | 1
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+New Attachment     | IMSP-fix-trims.patch

noah at lsit.ucsb.edu (2009-08-27 19:38) wrote:

Although Turba properly prevents address book contacts from being  
created with names containing leading/trailing space, we have other  
IMSP clients on our network that lack this restriction. Any IMSP  
address book containing one of these contacts becomes unbrowseable in  
Turba, and the contacts don't show up during name expansion search in  

I've traced the problems we were having to two locations, the first is  
the receiveStringLiteral function in IMSP.php. It trims the received  
literal from fread. I don't think that makes sense. Seems like the  
literal value should be treated as such, including any extraneous  
space it may have. This was breaking searchaddress/fetchaddress  
coherence for UTF-8 contact names w/ leading or trailing whitespace.

The second is the search function in IMSP/Book.php.  Around line 250   
it strips double quote characters, and then trims leading whitespace.  
Inverting the order of those two operations fixes contact names with  
leading whitespace. (Trim space on the left of the double quote, then  
remove the quote, rather than potentially catching leading spaces from  
the quoted string.) This was breaking contact search/fetch for contact  
names w/ leading whitespace.

Fixing those two locations in the code brings back browse capability &  
name expansion, however, loading a detail or edit view in Turba for  
the contacts named with extraneous spaces is still broken (standard  
server NO response). The value's getting trimmed somewhere before  
being encoded in the view link.

I consider my current fix 'adequate', or 'a start,' but it would be  
nice if more of the Turba interface worked with these contacts.

Patch against HEAD for IMSP.php and Book.php provided.

Test environment: cyrus imspd server, php 5.2.x, apache 2.2.x

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