[Tickets #7363] Re: Avoid bitwise operations in the SQL Share driver

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Fri Oct 2 09:55:28 UTC 2009


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/7363
  Ticket             | 7363
  Updated By         | Duck <duck at obala.net>
  Summary            | Avoid bitwise operations in the SQL Share driver
  Queue              | Horde Framework Packages
  Version            | FRAMEWORK_3
  Type               | Enhancement
  State              | Feedback
  Priority           | 2. Medium
  Milestone          |
  Patch              | 1
  Owners             | Duck, Horde Developers

Duck <duck at obala.net> (2009-10-02 05:55) wrote:

> Release notes suggest that the share sql driver was to be a major  
> improvement from the datatree based shares. But reading the comments  
> the current share sql driver is a major bottleneck in large  
> installations and in actually use it can be worse than the share  
> datatree driver that it replaced.

I wrote the sql driver as the datatree driver was 100 time slower on  
really large data. Tested on my production installation we fall from  
40s to 0.34s or something per Ansel gallery list with caa 80k  
galleries and 1M images. Mainly because of how sql sever creates and  
manages temporary tables for query execution. Even others have  
reported big speed improvements on the mailing-list. But, yes, it was  
just a step forward to something really useful. See ticket #6109.

> Would it be possible for someone to write some sort of conversion  
> script from the current share sql to the new one that does not use  
> bitwise operations. I could then test this new code with data from  
> our installation.

A good time to rewrite Hore_Share into H4/git lib :)

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