[Tickets #9014] Re: error in conf.xml for "FTP driver for qmail compliant mailers"

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Mon May 17 08:42:05 UTC 2010


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/9014
  Ticket             | 9014
  Updated By         | nagash303 at hotmail.com
  Summary            | error in conf.xml for "FTP driver for qmail compliant
                     | mailers"
  Queue              | Vacation
  Version            | 3.2.1
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Feedback
  Priority           | 2. Medium
  Milestone          |
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nagash303 at hotmail.com (2010-05-17 04:42) wrote:

> So, could we as well hard-code the database type to "empty", instead  
> of changing conf.xml? Does Qmail work with any other database type  
> at all?

I tried to select all types of db, all worked ok for me, only  
difference, with empty, the .vacation.db, .vacation.dir and  
.vacation.pag were null in size when uploaded to account (I guess  
thats ok) with other db types the files vary in size (4096, 8162 and  
12288k) I guess you should modify the conf.xml, seems like qmail  
driver use forward driver.

> Sorry, I don't get this. First you configure vacation to *show* the  
> subject and from fields, and then you *remove* those fields from the  
> form manually?

Yes. When selected, horde-vacation default sets the accrual users  
email address as from address when sending out of office bounce mail.  
If not selected, from address is domain.com at mail.domain.com. I dont  
know why, I guess horde-vacation (or my vacation binary) dont get any  
data so it use some default value.

I then hide "change from address" options for end user (vacation gets  
messy if they change address, mailserver does not allow sending emails  
without valid user)

- - -

When testing dbtypes I found one strange thing. If you enable a  
vacation message, then go back to vacation and change the message and  
choose "Set/install vacation notice" click submit, then the new  
updated message gets uploaded, great, however, horde-vacation seems to  
check if any .qmail file exists on server, if do, renames old to  
.qmail_horde. Then disable the vacation message, all files on server  
gets removed except the .qmail file. I have to manually remove it to  
get rid of it. If not, server continue to sending vacation messages.  
If i try to enable vacation message again, horde-vacation does the  
same and leave the .qmail file when disable vacation message.

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