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Tue May 18 22:35:34 UTC 2010


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  Ticket             | 9042
  Updated By         | Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>
  Summary            | Maps do not work
  Queue              | Kronolith
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  Owners             | Michael Rubinsky

Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2010-05-18 18:35) wrote:

> When trying to access a map, it gives a javascript error.

...and that error is?

> The problem is that the /horde/js/hordemap/OpenLayers.js is outdated.

Yes, there is a newer version available, but our code was written  
against the version we distribute.  I do have it on my list to update  
the script, but there are a number of customizations we have done that  
would have to be ported/tested.

>  The new version from http://www.openlayers.org/api/OpenLayers.js  
> works correctly.

What is the behavior that works incorrectly in the version we distribute?

> Perhaps instead of using the static file, Horde could link to

We purposely don't link to the file for a number of reasons.  First  
and foremost is the huge size of the full openlayers file. We  
customized the bundled files to include only the features that are  
absolutely needed, when they are needed.

> http://www.openlayers.org/api/OpenLayers.js - after all, internet  
> access is required to make the maps work in the first place.

That may be true for 99% of the cases, but it's not true if hosting  
your own GIS server to provide custom map tiles.

I'm not seeing any issues with the kronolith map code. Perhaps if you  
provide the exact error messages you receive, when you receive them,  
along with the details of the map providers you are using, I can try  
to track down the issue you are having.

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