[Tickets #9146] Problem of encode ISO-8859-1 - send and redirect an email

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Thu Jul 22 15:34:07 UTC 2010


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/9146
  Ticket             | 9146
  Created By         | peterson.silva at gmail.com
  Summary            | Problem of encode ISO-8859-1 - send and redirect an
                     | email
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | 4.3.4
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Unconfirmed
  Priority           | 3. High
  Milestone          |
  Patch              |
  Owners             |

peterson.silva at gmail.com (2010-07-22 11:34) wrote:


I am using horde imp 1.2.3, in centOs5.4. I am having a problem to  
send a message and redirect the message with encoded ISO-8859-1. On  
Gmail and Hotmail that's works but on the  others webmails they appear  
not correct encoded.

Details of IMP
IMP Version

     * IMP: H3 (4.3.4)

Other Horde Applications

     * dimp: No
       DIMP provides an alternate display view using JavaScript.
     * gollem: No
       Gollem provides access to local VFS filesystems to attach files.
     * ingo: Yes (Version: H3 (1.2.1))
     * mimp: No
       MIMP provides an alternate display view suitable for mobile  
browsers or very slow connections.
     * nag: Yes (Version: H3 (2.3.2))
     * turba: Yes (Version: H3 (2.3.1))

PHP Version

     * PHP Version: 5.1.6
     * PHP Major Version: 5.1
     * PHP Minor Version: 6
     * PHP Version Classification: release
     * You are running a supported version of PHP.

PHP Module Capabilities

     * Internationalized Domain Names Support: No
       IMP requires the idn module (installed via PECL) in order to  
handle Internationalized Domain Names.
     * IMAP Support: Yes
     * OpenSSL Support: Yes
     * Tidy support: No
       If the tidy PHP extension is available, IMP can use it to  
sanitize the output of HTML messages before displaying to the user,  
and to clean outgoing HTML messages created in the HTML composition  
mode. See imp/docs/INSTALL for more information.

Miscellaneous PHP Settings

     * file_uploads enabled: Yes

Required IMP Configuration Files

     * config/conf.php: Yes
     * config/mime_drivers.php: Yes
     * config/prefs.php: Yes
     * config/servers.php: Yes


     * PEAR Search Path (PHP's include_path):   
     * PEAR: Yes
     * Recent PEAR: Yes
     * Auth_SASL: Yes
     * HTTP_Request: Yes

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