[Tickets #9235] Horde_Group_Ldap group search problem

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Tue Sep 7 13:18:10 UTC 2010


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/9235
  Ticket             | 9235
  Created By         | jsantos at ci.uc.pt
  Summary            | Horde_Group_Ldap group search problem
  Queue              | Horde Framework Packages
  Version            | Git master
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Unconfirmed
  Priority           | 2. Medium
  Milestone          |
  Patch              |
  Owners             |

jsantos at ci.uc.pt (2010-09-07 09:18) wrote:

Having horde configured to work with groups and having a  
calendar/contact list shared with a group caused the following error  
when accessing turba/kronolith:

"Internal Error: An attribute must ALWAYS match itself:"

Transcript of chat with Jan Schneider
[10/09/07 10:30:56] hi jan
[10/09/07 10:30:56] Joao Santos: I'm having a couple of problems with  
[10/09/07 10:31:22] Joao Santos: was wondering if you could give me some help?
[10/09/07 11:28:56] Jan Schneider: hi joao. shoot
[10/09/07 11:30:13] Joao Santos: well, i sahred calendar with a group
[10/09/07 11:30:33] Joao Santos: and then when I login and try to  
access the calendar i get the error
[10/09/07 11:30:33] Joao Santos: Ocorreu um erro fatal

Internal Error: An attribute must ALWAYS match itself:

Os detalhes foram enviados para o administrador do sistema.
[10/09/07 11:30:53] Joao Santos: this happens with both turba and kronolith
[10/09/07 11:31:49] Joao Santos: i've updated the version and  
reinstalled everythin, but keep bumping on this
[10/09/07 11:33:24] Jan Schneider: never heard of that error message before
[10/09/07 11:34:18] Jan Schneider: this seems to be coming from the  
ldap group driver
[10/09/07 11:34:49] Joao Santos: how can i try to debug this?
[10/09/07 11:36:03] Jan Schneider: the error is thrown in  
[10/09/07 11:36:30] Jan Schneider: i'm not sure what ldap_compare is  
supposed to do, but i'd start looking there
[10/09/07 11:52:24] Joao Santos: well aparently he tries to see if the  
group exists in the system
[10/09/07 11:52:30] Joao Santos: but doesn't find it
[10/09/07 11:53:35] Joao Santos: is ldap_compare a function of the  
horde ldap lib or from ldap itself?
[10/09/07 11:55:09] Joao Santos: I find it strange that internally the  
gid stored in the var gid is "cn"
[10/09/07 12:27:28] Jan Schneider: i think the logic in exists() is wrong
[10/09/07 12:27:55] Jan Schneider: the code and comments assume that  
-1 means "doesn't exist" and false means error
[10/09/07 12:28:00] Jan Schneider: but the php docs say the opposite
[10/09/07 12:28:37] Jan Schneider: and the error message in exists()  
is misleading at best
[10/09/07 12:29:05] Jan Schneider: try changing the "if ($res ===  
false)" to "if ($res === -1)"
[10/09/07 13:35:56] Joao Santos: jan, that's exactly right

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