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Wed Jan 12 09:48:51 UTC 2011


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  Ticket             | 9504
  Updated By         | goncalo.queiros at portugalmail.net
  Summary            | Horde is always including favicon from default theme
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  Type               | Bug
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goncalo.queiros at portugalmail.net (2011-01-12 04:48) wrote:

Cache themes is false, and i also turned off any cache.
I have the silver theme defined, which has the new horde favicon, but  
on the Horde login screen (and everywhere else) i keep getting the  
default (old) favicon.
I already checked that the silver/graphics/favicon.png exists and is  
web-accessible, so the problem is not that either.

Following the script logic, when i get to
Horde_Themes_Cache::get() i have $mask = 1010 (binary) that comes from  
(Horde_Themes_Cache::APP_DEFAULT | Horde_Themes_Cache::APP_THEME)..

Then this line $entry = $this->_get($item) is making $entry = 101,  
because the call to _get() finds the graphics/favicon.png for horde  
default theme (Horde_Themes_Cache::HORDE_DEFAULT) and for silver theme  
(Horde_Themes_Cache::HORDE_THEME), but then, it won't continue,  
because current app on login page is 'horde', which makes sense,  
because we already saw that favicon is present on horde silver  
theme...but then, the $entry 2nd and 4th bit will always be 0, so

getting back to Horde_Themes_Cache::get() we will find that '$entry &=  
$mask;' is equal to 101 & 1010 which will make $entry = 0, making it  
fail on all if sentences that follow..

Sorry to explain with code, but couldn't find a better way to explain  
how its working over here :-)

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