[Tickets #10092] Re: Portal button does nothing in Dimp iframe mode

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Wed May 18 08:17:42 UTC 2011


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  Ticket             | 10092
  Updated By         | Ralf Lang (B1 Systems GmbH) <lang at b1-systems.de>
  Summary            | Portal button does nothing in Dimp iframe mode
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | 5.0.3
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Feedback
  Priority           | 1. Low
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Ralf Lang (B1 Systems GmbH) <lang at b1-systems.de> (2011-05-18 08:17) wrote:

>> However this part you are not going to like - the Portal doesn't work
>> correctly with iframes on.  And I'm not sure we can realistically
>> make it work either without adding a bunch of hackish code.  The
>> problem is that any link within the iframe that eventually opens up
>> IMP again (e.g. the newmail folder summary) will cause IMP to be
>> fully reloaded within the IFRAME.  So you end up with 2 sidebars.
> Didn't you move the old dynamic portal to Horde at one point?

>> Which begs the question - why don't we just get rid of iframe
>> entirely?  It doesn't work properly, and won't ever work properly,
>> unless the proper framework is implemented in Horde (*NOT* IMP).
>> Until that happens, it is going to be prohibitively difficult to try
>> to support.
> We need it for preferences for example, and it was a requirement of  
> SAPO (and makes sense for everyone using IMP, or Kronolith for that  
> matter, as the main application) to stay in the ajax view when  
> displaying other non-ajax Horde apps.

This is also my use case. I use dimp as the central portal for the  
installation, including non-horde tools.

Apart from user experience of changing navigation (horde menu, imp  
menu) there is also a problem when users click on imp sub menu points,  
like folders. Imp won't check if ajax is available and will directly  
go to traditional view.

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