[Tickets #9835] Re: db schema update for h3->h4 converstion

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Thu May 19 21:13:09 UTC 2011


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  Ticket             | 9835
  Updated By         | sr at parabola.me.uk
  Summary            | db schema update for h3->h4 converstion
  Queue              | Horde Base
  Version            | 4.0
  Type               | Bug
  State              | No Feedback
  Priority           | 2. Medium
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sr at parabola.me.uk (2011-05-19 21:13) wrote:

I see this problem.

The reason it happens on my system, is that the primary key constraints have
different names than those that the upgrade script is expecting. It  
attempts to
drop the primary key using an incorrect name which fails, then adds it back
again. The add of course fails with the reported message.

The postgres version is 8.4.2 on centos5, although the database was originally
created on a much earlier version.

Running the following commands before the upgrade, allows the upgrade to
run on my installation.

alter table imp_sentmail drop constraint imp_primary_idx;
alter table turba_shares drop constraint turba_shares_pkey_idx;
alter table kronolith_shares drop constraint kronolith_shares_pkey_idx;
alter table ingo_shares drop constraint ingo_shares_primary_idx;
alter table ingo_rules drop constraint ingo_rules_primary_idx;
alter table mnemo_shares drop constraint mnemo_shares_pkey_idx;
alter table nag_shares drop constraint nag_shares_pkey_idx;
alter table horde_groups drop constraint group_primary_idx;
alter table horde_histories drop constraint history_primary_idx;
alter table horde_perms drop constraint perms_primary_idx;
alter table horde_vfs drop constraint vfs_primary_idx;

There is then a problem with rampage_types which is resolved by running the
failed upgrade again.

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