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Wed Jun 15 10:20:34 UTC 2011


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  Ticket             | 10169
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  Summary            | Some mails can't be displayed
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jacob-horde at vindvejr.dk (2011-06-15 10:20) wrote:

>> I'm using libxml 2.7.8. I'll check other related components tomorrow.
> A related issue is that the charset in that HTML part is reported to  
> be "unicode".  This is not a valid charset (see  
> http://www.iana.org/assignments/character-sets).  I can only guess  
> that libxml does some kind of best-guess as to the current charset  
> if given bad charset input - it's possible on your system that this  
> best guess is ISO-8859-1, while on my system it is UTF-8, which  
> would explain why it works on some systems but not others.  (You can  
> test and see if this is the case by changing the 'unicode' charset  
> definition in the HTML part to 'UTF-8').
> However, there is nothing we can do if this is the case.  We can't  
> change the charset contained within HTML code because we have to  
> parse the HTML first (via the xml functions) - but this parsing code  
> will apply the charset found in a meta charset tag during the  
> parsing itself.

That's it - if I change charset from "unicode" to "UTF-8" in the HTML  
part it renders correctly. Which source file can I look into if I want  
to investigate why this behaviour is system-dependent? It must be  
possible to support bad charset definitions, either by configuration  
of libxml2 or through the API.

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