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Thu Jul 14 22:06:33 UTC 2011


Ticket-URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/10341
  Ticket           | 10341
  Aktualisiert Von | Twilek at gmx.de
  Zusammenfassung  | Facebook events show up on wrong date
  Warteschlange    | Kronolith
  Version          | 3.0.5
  Typ              | Bug
  Status           | Not A Bug
  Priorität        | 1. Low
  Milestone        |
  Patch            |
  Zuständige       | Michael Rubinsky

Twilek at gmx.de (2011-07-14 22:06) hat geschrieben:

Thats a shame on facebooks part. In my case probably all events will  
originate from the same timezone. I am guessing that for most users  
this scenario is the most likely (or not?!). Would it be possible and  
usefull to introduce a user definable "standart correction factor"  
with wich Facebook events are corrected so that the calendar works at  
least for event  creators in one timezone as a workaround?

> This is Facebook's fault. FB has a *horrible* strategy for dealing  
> with timezones in the events API.
> Facebook stores the event time as if it were in Pacific Standard  
> Time. i.e., I'm on the east coast of the US, I enter an event to  
> start at 4:00EST. They store the event as 4:00PST translated to UTC.  
> So, when using the API you need to do the calculations yourself.  
> That would be fine, except to do the translation properly, you need  
> to know the event *creator's* timezone, which we don't know. I took  
> a best fit approach, and do the translation based on the Horde  
> user's timezone.
> This works correctly on Facebook's website since they have access to  
> all users' timezone information.

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