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  Ticket             | 10416
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  Summary            | [ActiveSync] Error when syncing recurring events
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  Owners             | Michael Rubinsky

Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2011-08-12 13:52) wrote:

> After trying your git commit i still cannot see the monthly events.

Can you provide an example event that this fails for? All monthly  
recurring events I have tested are working fine for me.

> I am not really sure about the weekofmonth calculation. The  
> reference which i linked in my first post does not state whether a  
> week starts

Can you provide an example where this calculation fails? We have been  
using this calculation in our recurrence code for ages.

> I found also another Bug. If you set the recurrence to yearly and to  
> same day of the year (Type 6 in Recurrence.php), no recurrenc type

This type of recurrence is not supported AFAIK by AS 2.5.  Using a  
real exchange 2003 server and outlook I cannot create this type of  
recurrence series.  If you have a working patch that this works for,  
along with a test event to prove it, I can look into adding.

> ist sent. I think we can  use the active sync type 5 (TYPE_YEARLY)  
> to send it to the device.

AFAIK, this type is for the same _date_, not the dayofyear.

> By the way: do you hav another source than the one posted by me to  
> get the command reference for active sync 2.5? This version is not  
> really mentioned in the reference, only the newer ones.

Unfortunately, not a single soource. You need to read the  
footnotes/changes section. There are also some postings linked to in  
the wiki that give some overviews of the different versions, but not  
that detailed. Also, when in doubt, I just sniff the traffic of a real  
exchange 2003 server.

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