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  Summary            | [ActiveSync] Error when syncing recurring events
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Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2011-08-12 14:48) wrote:

> I have only problems with them on my DesireHD. I tested with an  
> iphone and it works out of the box. In the ActiveSync properties of  
> the device i have the following Entry:  
> Programm:Android-EAS/
> When i apply the patch to send the dayofmonth and monthofyear for  
> the monthly and yearly events, they  occur in the calendar. It seems  
> that the sync on the DesireHD just throws the events away when these  
> properties are not set.

If you are talking about recurrence_month_date events, then your  
client is broken. These properties make no sense with this recurrence  
type. For the recurrence_month_day type, they are already sent.

> The notes/changes section of the reference also does not mention  
> that this fields are not supported on older revisions of active sync  
> like for CalendarType.
Yes, it does. I'm on my mobile right now so I can't give a link, but  
it's there.

> So i think they should be sent.
Impossible, it's not defined in any of the wbxml codepages/schema for EAS 2.5

I don't have a
> proof for it but that it works for me when they are sent. Can also  
> be a buggy implementation of the sync for the DesireHD

Yes. If your client requires this for EAS 2.5 then it's broken, or  
doesn't support 2.5.

> I do not know a case where it fails. My problem is that the  
> reference does not exactly define the week of the month. You can on  
> the one hand say the first week are the first seven days. You can  
> also define the first week as the first monday to sunday. So if the  
> month starts on a friday only the first three days are the first  
> week. Just a matter of definition. It seems to work so it does not  
> need to be changed.

  In this context, It's the first week with any days in the month.  
Nothing else would make sense since the recurrence types that use this  
recur on e.g., the first tuesady of the month. Any other definition  
would potentially miss days in the first week.
>> AFAIK, this type is for the same _date_, not the dayofyear.
> If we can not create such an event on outlook then we do not need to  
> sync it. The only problem for me is that you can create an event on  
> the web client that will never show up on the sync clients. Is there  
> an easy way to remove this type of event or to prevent the users to  
> create such an event?

Not without hacking the kronolith code. I agree it's a potential  
issue, but don't think we shuld limit our feature set based on a  
limited sync protocol.

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