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js-horde at jk1.net (2011-08-12 19:55) wrote:

I don't know how to re-open this bug, but I believe it was only  
partially resolved.  I have a patch that resolves the remaining issues  
that I will attach to this bug.

> I am trying to sync an Android Nexus S with Horde (Contacts and Calendar for
> now).
> Horde --> Droid
> Home Phone: MISSING!
> Work Phone: MISSING!

I have noticed that Other Phone, Work Email and Home Email (if your  
turba is configured for those fields) also do not sync from Horde to  
the phone.  It appears that this is a result of the Funambol client  
explicitly specifying the TEL fields' types with the "VOICE" param  
(which I believe is the implicit default) for the phone numbers and  
likewise, specifying "INTERNET" for the EMAIL fields.  I have extended  
Turba's Driver.php to accept requests that explicitly specify these  
params, and to respond appropriately.  With this patch, my fields now  
sync properly to my Android phone.

> Droid --> Horde
> Email: MISSING!
> Other Phone: Missing

These are missing not because of a bug, but because the original  
submitter was missing the fields in his configuration. I was able to  
get working by simply adding the appropriate fields to the database  
and to Turba's attributes.php and backends.php.  For example:
ALTER TABLE turba_objects ADD object_workemail VARCHAR(255);
ALTER TABLE turba_objects ADD object_homeemail VARCHAR(255);
ALTER TABLE turba_objects ADD object_phone VARCHAR(25);

Then to attributes.php:
$attributes['workEmail'] = array(
     'label' => _("Work Email"),
     'type' => 'email',
     'required' => false,
     'params' => array('allow_multi' => false, 'strip_domain' =>  
false, 'link_compose' => true)
$attributes['homeEmail'] = array(
     'label' => _("Home Email"),
      'type' => 'email',
      'required' => false,
      'params' => array('allow_multi' => false, 'strip_domain' =>  
false, 'link_compose' => true)

and to backends, right after
          'email' => 'object_email',
         'phone' => 'object_phone',
         'homeEmail' => 'object_homeemail',
         'workEmail' => 'object_workemail',
then in the "Communications" section in that same file, be sure to add  
the new phone, homeEmail and workEmail fields.

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