[Tickets #10441] Re: Add two buttons for Reply: Reply and Reply All, like all other mailers

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Mon Aug 29 17:28:07 UTC 2011


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  Ticket             | 10441
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  Summary            | Add two buttons for Reply: Reply and Reply All, like
                     | all other mailers
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  Version            | 5.0.9
  Type               | Enhancement
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donald.teed at gmail.com (2011-08-19 15:33) wrote:

Thunderbird, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, all have two buttons for reply:  
Reply (to Sender) and Reply All.

dimp also shows these two options if the user either:

1. right clicks on a message line
2. clicks on the tiny arrow next to Reply button

Most users won't find either of those methods and will click the  
default Reply,
which does a dynamic method of reply said to be appropriate to the context.
However in actual use, it will do a reply all to a mailing list, even when
mailing list is configured to set reply to sender (mailman).

The best solution is to always engage the user in making the appropriate
breadth of reply when they select to reply.  This can be done with two buttons
for reply, just as it is in most major email clients.

The advantage to users in the workplace is fewer embarrassing and damaging
emails sent to the full mailing list in error.

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