[Tickets #10148] Re: Incorrect message charset in replies with reply_headers

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Thu Sep 1 12:18:21 UTC 2011


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  Ticket             | 10148
  Updated By         | je at ktf.rtu.lv
  Summary            | Incorrect message charset in replies with reply_headers
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | Git master
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Resolved
  Priority           | 2. Medium
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  Owners             | Michael Slusarz

je at ktf.rtu.lv (2011-09-01 12:18) wrote:

> at least one of his MUA's) in that charset.  And generally people  
> aren't doing something like responding to a Norwegian message in  
> Mandarin Chinese, so this charset hint is useful in almost all cases.

actually, it is quite short-sighted approach to the problem -  
especially in case if there still exist mail clients not sticking to  
original encoding, but adjusting it to the minimum - for example - it  
is real situation that the reply to UTF8 message is demoted to  
ISO8859-1 just because the text of reply does not contain letters with  

As for my specific case - it is nothing extraordinary having two or  
three languages in replay - Latvian, English and Russian for which  
only UTF8 offers full coverage.

the problem already starts with the lack of automatic promotion from  
transliterated Latvian (iso8859-1, using "aa" instead of "?" etc) to  
the correct one - iso8859-13 or UTF8

>  But the code would be so much easier to maintain if we just convert  
> everything to UTF-8 and consistently stick with that internally.

do you have any internal plans when this "will hit the ground"?

> Having the user pick the charset is simply out of the question.   
> Nobody, outside of maybe programmers and computer scientists, has  
> any clue what charsets mean anyway, so giving them an option to  
> change is completely pointless.

so, if one do not understands how the air plane is flying, lets delete  
it from the list of available transportation means including for  
those, who know even how to steer them? Do you really think that  
"stupidification" of software is the way to go?

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