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  Summary            | Email push support in activesync
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lorenzo.valori at gmail.com (2011-11-09 11:41) wrote:

>> Thanks for your update. But I'm not completely agree.
>> Take Android as an example. In user's point of view he/she will be
>> expected the setting of Active Sync is going to open a mail box with
>> push function, calendar and contact are add-on.
> I use android, as do most of the devs, and have experienced no  
> confusion regarding this.
>> The Android OS itself is also present mail as primary application,
>> after I create the Active Sync account, it'll open the Mail app and
>> nothing displayed, if it connect to Horde Active Sync.
> The mail app will not automatically open after you create an EAS  
> account. The device is smart enough to know there is no mail folder,  
> since the server sends the folder tree to the device.
>> In my experience, the IPhone Mail App also works better with Active
>> Sync protocol.
> In general, iOS devices have a better overall EAS implementation. I  
> agree. Though that doesn't have anything to do with the feature set  
> that is provided by the server. The EAS version we currently support  
> has a very limited feature set regarding mail when compared to a  
> native IMAP connected mail app.
>> It push very efficient (using z-push) and immediate
> I have found the zpush code to be *very* inefficient, though I guess  
> that is a matter of opinion. Without getting into specifics,  this  
> is mostly due to  the file-based state mechanism combined with the  
> fact that it uses c-client's highly inefficient imap functions.
>> alert me for new mail but if I connect to the mail server using IMAP,
>> it push nothing, I need to reload the Mail App to "get" the new mail.
> Ok. Then the mail app on iOS is not as robust as other devices'  
> clients in this regard.
>> When I upgrade to horde 4, I expect the push mail is work but
>> disappointedly, the function is not added.
> Well, like I said, if it is that important to you then you can  
> consider sponsoring the development. Otherwise, you will have to  
> wait until I have the time and motivation to write the activesync  
> imap client code. As stated before, we can not simply port zpush's  
> implementation.

I could sponsor the creation, what would you need to do this  
implementation ? How much time you need ?

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