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Mon Mar 5 08:52:50 UTC 2012


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  Ticket             | 11044
  Updated By         | nospam at ssys.com
  Summary            | Message Preview Not Working in Traditional View
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | 5.0.19
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Duplicate
  Priority           | 1. Low
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nospam at ssys.com (2012-03-05 08:52) wrote:

Thanks again for the quick responses and accurate answers.  Please do  
not take anything I have said as a complaint as I do appreciate the  
project and hard work very much.

>> Did I miss something?  I read a lot before testing the migration and
>> never saw anything about this.
> What's there to report?  When jumping a major version, it is the  
> admin's responsibility to scan all config files to be aware of what  
> has changed.  We can't possibly describe all the minutiae/changes in  
> every config file.
>> Also, when enabled, the control of this feature has been moved to
>> Other->Traditional View as opposed to Message Options->Mail Previews.
> Sure, because this is exactly the kind of stuff that can be moved  
> around at any time.  Preferences are not locked into any specific  
> group.
>> Perhaps the preference entry can be always present but greyed out or
>> otherwise disabled with some note about what must be done to enable it
> No.  Please see the comment in the preferences file.  Previews in  
> dynamic view are a performance killer (EVERY message on the page has  
> to be parsed, whether it is read or not).  It is up to the admin of  
> the server to determine if they want to make this option available  
> to users.
> Previews will probably go away in traditional view in the near  
> future (most likely for IMP 6).  If you want previews you should be  
> using the dynamic view.

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