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  Ticket             | 11103
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  Summary            | Smartmobile view improvements
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Michael Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org> (2012-03-27 00:55) wrote:

>> * Delete confirmation has to go.  It becomes super annoying after the
>> 1st message you delete.
> I'm torn. Chances to press the delete button accidentally is much  
> higher on a touch screen, that's why I added the confirmation  
> dialog. I'd rather like to add checkboxes to the message list, so  
> you can bulk-delete messages and only have to confirm once.

I understand the need for caution, but this was the #1 thing that  
stuck out about the UI experience.  It was extremely tedious to go  
through my INBOX when I have more than a few new messages.

Using K-9 mail on android, there is no confirmation there and the  
button size is somewhat comparable.

Maybe move the "destructive" commands further away from the other commands?

>> * Report spam notification is not working properly.
> Do you mean the popup notification after you reported a message as  
> spam? Worked fine for me last time I looked, what's wrong now?

I can't remember.  I think it is not returning to the mailbox screen.   
This probably has something to do with the caching changes.

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