[Tickets #11075] Re: plupload and jquery.mobile license and source code are not included

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Tue Apr 10 16:34:52 UTC 2012


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  Summary            | plupload and jquery.mobile license and source code are
                     | not included
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Michael Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org> (2012-04-10 10:34) wrote:

> Jan:
>> What's wrong with compressed source files?
> GPL refers to source code as "preferred form of the work for making  
> modifications to it" (jQuery is both GPL and MIT, so this is not a  
> hard requirement). Compressed js files are not the preferred form  
> because it is mostly unreadable and this is a one way process  
> (comments are lost and variable name are changed).
> Of course, you can provide both source and compressed form.

This is all irrelevant.  The GPL most definitely doesn't require us to  
ship the source code with the distribution.  It only requires us to  
provide the source code on demand.  And the license is clearly  
identified in the files.  So we have fulfilled both prongs of the GPL  
(identifying the license; providing access to the original source).

So I point you to the websites identified in those files to grab the  
source.  We have provided a way for you to "get the source" so we are  
in compliance.

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