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  Ticket             | 11223
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  Summary            | Problems showing some images
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | 5.0.18
  Type               | Bug
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rodrigoantunes at pelotas.ifsul.edu.br (2012-06-15 19:55) wrote:

Forgot to add the attachment...

> Hi, a user forwarded me an email with some images, the problem is  
> that only the first image (the one with the question "Papai, como é  
> que nasci?" in the attachment) doesn't open inline in imp 5, Firefox  
> says the image has an error and can't be shown. But I forwarded it  
> to my yahoo mail and to my old horde installation that is in the  
> same server (imp h3 4.3.5) and it worked. It is a fresh horde 4/ imp  
> 5  installation. When I open this email I can see this in horde  
> logs: "ERR: HORDE [imp] IMAP error reported by server. Invalid body  
> section [pid 1857 on line 345 of  
> "/var/www/horde4/imp/lib/Imap.php"]". I did some search and it seems  
> that imp5 is corrupting the body section of the message and then  
> cyrrus send that error message to the mail client. I don't know if  
> you will be able to reproduce the bug with the attachment because it  
> doesn't always happen, I already received other emails with images  
> inline with no problems. Maybe I could forward the message to a  
> horde email, then you could see better what happens.

rodrigoantunes at pelotas.ifsul.edu.br (2012-06-15 19:55) uploaded:  
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