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Tue Jul 10 21:19:55 UTC 2012


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/11262
  Ticket             | 11262
  Created By         | Michael Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org>
  Summary            | IMP UI issues
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | Git develop
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Assigned
  Priority           | 3. High
  Milestone          | 6
  Patch              |
  Owners             | Horde Developers, Jan Schneider, Michael Slusarz

Michael Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org> (2012-07-10 15:19) wrote:

UI issues that need to be addressed before 6.0 is released:

* Message flag icons need to be reduced in size (Jan will look into this)

* Folder lists are broken: everything after the first child level is  
displayed at the same indentation.

* If possible, expand/collapse folder icons need to be improved.

* Double separator lines in context menus.

* Action buttons are broken - or at least are not intuitive since they  
require clicking on the text.  Clicking the surrounding space/icon  
doesn't work.  There needs to be a definable area to click on -  
namely, all space inside of the vertical separators.

* There is no feedback when clicking/hovering action buttons. (Jan  
says he has not yet ported from delivered calendar design)

* There is no feedback when clicking/hovering refresh that something  
is actually happening.

* There's also no discernible indication that the preview header can  
be toggled.

* From/To/Cc/Bcc names need to be distinguished somehow.  I propose  
either underlines or background shading. Jan wants to do popdown  
icons, but I feel that is too intrusive and, more important, does not  
deal with the issue of grouping the whole e-mail name together.

* Popdown menus should automatically trigger on icon hover.  For  
something like reply/forward, the popdown menu should automatically be  
triggered when hovering over the popdown icon.  This is different from  
the topmenu, since there the popdown menu is triggered when hovering  
over the main text.

* There is no mailbox size/message location anymore in dynamic view.

* Folder lists: long folder names break the tree.  Need to hide long  
names instead of wrapping.

* Message screen: There are double popdowns for reply/forward.

* Moving mailboxes in folder list.

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