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Tue Aug 7 09:35:15 UTC 2012


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  Summary            | Windows phone 7 cannot log in to the system
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leena.heino at uta.fi (2012-08-07 09:35) wrote:

> Don't hack WP7 to be detected as webkit, if it isn't. To enable  
> smartphone view, it's sufficient to mark the browser to both support  
> ajax and be mobile.

The hack was only needed to automatically enable and offer smart  
mobile mode for Windows Phone 7 users. Now the smart mobile mode is  
automatically only offered to webkit based browsers.

> And does Opera mini really support all those features that you  
> enabled? At least jQuery Mobile does only support is a grade B  
> browser, i.e. without ajax support. We should do the same because  
> without ajax, our smartphone interface won't work either.

Most likely not. Only really needed feature was the javascript support  
in order to be able to use horde with Opera Mini browser.

> Finally, do those Nokia browser really have webkit browsers?

Nokia use of user-agents are bit confusing and it is really hard to  
find what browser is webkit based. So maybe not all of those phones  
have webkit based browsers.

Nokia itself recommends this:
((?Nokia? || ?SymbianOS?) && ?WebKit?) || (?N900? || ?Maemo Browser?)  
|| (?MeeGo? && ?NokiaN9?)

Taken from:

Should I make a new patch based on Nokia recommendations?

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