[Tickets #11339] Re: repeating meetings with next day in UTC time schedule on wrong day

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Fri Aug 10 16:29:13 UTC 2012


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  Ticket             | 11339
  Updated By         | ddstreet at ieee.org
  Summary            | repeating meetings with next day in UTC time schedule
                     | on wrong day
  Queue              | Kronolith
  Version            | 3.0.17
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Unconfirmed
  Priority           | 2. Medium
  Milestone          |
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ddstreet at ieee.org (2012-08-10 16:22) wrote:

When scheduling a repeating meeting whose date in the origin timezone  
is different than the day in the UTC timezone, the resulting iCal file  
has the scheduled times set to UTC time and date, but the "BYDAY"  
repeating setting is not also adjusted for UTC time.

For example, if I create a repeating meeting starting on Monday Aug  
13, 2012, at 23:00 (11pm) EDT (which is UTC-4) every Monday (again,  
Monday in EDT timezone), then the resulting iCal file contains:


which is correct, in UTC time the meeting starts Tuesday Aug 14, 2012,  
at 03:00 UTC.  However, in the repeating meeting section, it  
incorrectly lists the repeating day as Monday:


Since the meeting time is listed in UTC, that repeating day must also  
be listed in UTC, which in this case is Tuesday, not Monday.

The result of this bug is that any calendar that uses the BYDAY field  
will schedule all the repeating meetings on the day before they  
actually should occur; in the above example, the Monday night meetings  
would be shown as Sunday night meetings, on any calendar application  
that uses the BYDAY field.

This can be worked around by selecting the "Repeat On" day as one day  
ahead of the actual day; in the above example where meetings repeat  
every Monday at 23:00 EDT, the "Repeat On" day in the Kronolith  
meeting invite interface needs to be selected as "Tuesday" in order  
for other calendar applications to process it as a Monday at 23:00 EDT  
repeating meeting.

To fix this, the BYDAY needs to be adjusted to UTC instead of  
remaining the day in the origin timezone.

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