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  Ticket             | 11367
  Created By         | s_hall at rogers.com
  Summary            | Export email or save emails
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | Git master
  Type               | Enhancement
  State              | New
  Priority           | 1. Low
  Milestone          | now
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s_hall at rogers.com (2012-08-20 17:15) wrote:

Save Mail in gmail:

Add feature please to allow mail to be saved; select all, file save  
as, .txt.; does not save attachment; will save all email content  
selected in a chronological file.

  To respond to messages from gmail about mail box being full; I  
cannot remove folders, need the content so need to export or save  
content as files.

Here is the message received:

Warning: The mailbox for account icasecretariat at ica-it.org is at 86%
of its quota threshold. To avoid losing  mail, please take steps
to correct this soon.

In most cases, mailboxes run over quota for one of these reasons:

1) Your mail client has not been configured to remove mail from the
server after downloading, or at regular intervals.

2) You may have been storing a lot of mail permanently on the server,
rather than in your mail client (you may be using webmail or IMAP
exclusively, rather than periodically downloading mail to a desktop

3) You may have recently received a number of large attachments,
which could result in a sudden dramatic increase in disk space
consumed by your mailbox.

To avoid losing mail, please delete some mail from the server to
bring your mailbox back under quota. You can do this by deleting
messages through webmail or via IMAP, or by configuring your POP
mail client to remove messages older than, say, two weeks when
checking mail (recommended technique).

You may also opt to have your mailbox quota size increased. If you
do not have access to cPanel for your domain, please contact the
domain owner.

If your mailbox goes over quota, you will not receive further
notification. At that point, incoming mail for this account will
be held in the queue for five days. Bringing the mailbox back under
quota will cause held mail to be released from the queue and into
your mailbox.

After the grace period expires, incoming mail for this mailbox will
be discarded.

Regards, The Postmaster

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