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Tue Oct 2 04:54:47 UTC 2012


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  Ticket             | 10196
  Updated By         | simon at simonandkate.net
  Summary            | Add "Other Actions" to Dynamic mail separate window
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | 5.0.5
  Type               | Enhancement
  State              | Rejected
  Priority           | 1. Low
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simon at simonandkate.net (2012-10-02 04:54) wrote:

The mailbox view has five buttons along the top that relate to actions  
specific to the selected email, yet the mail view misses the last one  
ONLY despite it containing mail-specific actions. If you take the view  
that you have expressed below, why do you have SPAM, or even being  
extreme, why have REPLY, FORWARD, or DELETE? You can after all do all  
of those actions from the mailbox view :-/ By all means drop the Hide  
Preview, Vertical Layout options within the Other menu, but by not  
including the options to e.g. Blacklist you make me close the window  
if I have opened it, then separately click to Blacklist, where if it  
was in the mail view, one click in the Other menu could close the  
email, delete it, and add to blacklist.

UI consistency would indicate that it should be there. UX would  
indicate that it should be there. There is plenty of room along that  
top bar to have the same buttons - it would hardly clutter it. Other  
email clients give you full functionality within the mail view, not  
just the mailbox view. And why would it duplicate code - I am not a  
php coder, so if I am completely wrong tell me, but would it not be  
calling a function to display the menu?

For users that Hide Preview, they open the emails to see what they are  
and to action them. You are making them go back to the main window to  
action things that they should be able to action in the mail view. Not  
everyone works in the mailbox view.

When you open an email in Outlook, or Thunderbird, if you choose to  
open an email in a new window you get to select or carry out all  
operations within the child window. They don't make you go to the main  
window to do functions.

Just my 2c...

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