[Tickets #11803] Re: smartmobile needs more features (eg. virtual folders and more)

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Mon Dec 3 03:37:13 UTC 2012


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  Ticket             | 11803
  Updated By         | pjw at rhyme.com.au
  Summary            | smartmobile needs more features (eg. virtual folders
                     | and more)
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | 6.0.2
  Type               | Enhancement
  State              | Rejected
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pjw at rhyme.com.au (2012-12-03 03:37) wrote:

> We don't have a tablet view.  Two reasons:
> + jquerymobile does not natively support a separate tablet view.   
> There is talk of supporting this in the future, but it is not there  
> yet.

I guess I can look forward to this, but by the sounds of if making  
minimal changes to the Dyanmic view would satisfy the bulk of my  

>> - access to my virtual folders (the single most important to me)
> This cannot be done at this time without a substantial increase in ...
>> - access to full search functions
> This will not be added.

OK, this again points me to just using the Dynamic view for everything

>> I also quite like the full interface on my mobile (in general I
>> detest mobile-specific interfaces), and the only thing it really
>> needs is a different implementation of the email list to handle a
>> paged view as per the mobile version.
> I assume you mean the dynamic view?  There will never be a paged UI  
> for this view.

Any chance of just getting a scrolling view that plays well with  
Android? It's currently usable but clunky. Specifically:

- the scroll-bar itself is very narrow (hard to click)
- the thumb does not seem dragable

 From my PoV the ideal solution would be:

- thumb active and dragable OR sroll by dragging list
- scroll-bar wider

Despite these problems the dynamic view is the most useful to my on my  
current mobile and tablet. Making these (seemingly(!?) minor) changes  
would really make it perfect (for me).

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