[Tickets #11798] Re: RenameSentmailMonthly task not run

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Tue Jan 8 22:10:42 UTC 2013


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  Ticket             | 11798
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  Summary            | RenameSentmailMonthly task not run
  Queue              | IMP
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  Type               | Bug
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  Owners             | Michael Slusarz, Jan Schneider

evb at ping.be (2013-01-08 22:10) wrote:

>> See attachment for logging information.
> Your IMAP server is broken.  IMP is issuing:
> 10 UID COPY 1:50 "INBOX.Sent-jan-2012"
> Your server is responding with
> 10 BAD The folder could not be found.
> This is incorrect.  If INBOX.Sent-jan-2012 can be created, the  
> response MUST be:
> 10 NO [TRYCREATE] The folder could not be found.
> Your server is 1) incorrectly returning BAD and 2) not returning the  
> TRYCREATE response code.
> From RFC 3501 [6.4.7]:
>       Unless
>       it is certain that the destination mailbox can not be created, the
>       server MUST send the response code "[TRYCREATE]" as the prefix of
>       the text of the tagged NO response.  This gives a hint to the
>       client that it can attempt a CREATE command and retry the COPY if
>       the CREATE is successful.
> Since I've been yelled at multiple times over on the imap list for  
> trying to support broken IMAP server installations, I'm hesitant to  
> try to workaround this issue in code.

I posted your response to the devs of hmailserver.
Wait and see their response...

At the other side, it's maybe a good idea to have a fallback for imap  
servers not totally following the RFC standard.

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