[Tickets #11993] Enhance default SQL addressbook (localsql) with commonly used fields (better out of the box behaviour with activeSync/iOS)

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Fri Jan 25 14:27:40 UTC 2013


Ticket-URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/11993
  Ticket           | 11993
  Erstellt Von     | torben at dannhauer.info
  Zusammenfassung  | Enhance default SQL addressbook (localsql) with commonly
                   | used fields (better out of the box behaviour with
                   | activeSync/iOS)
  Warteschlange    | Turba
  Version          | Git master
  Typ              | Enhancement
  Status           | New
  Priorität        | 2. Medium
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torben at dannhauer.info (2013-01-25 14:27) hat geschrieben:

Dear Turba team,

While testing Turba with ActiveSync and Apple iOS, I realized that not  
all of the contact details available in the iOS device are stored at  
the server. Adding these fields to the default turba backend  
(localsql) solve the issue.

Since they are not iOS specific but also used in some other devices or  
PIMs, I suggest they should be added to turba_objects and the backend  
definition of the default SQL backend.
That would enhance the out of the box behaviour in Turba w/ ActiveSync  
and the only backside are some more columns in SQL (turba_objects).

Of course the modifications could be placed in the local override  
file, but I think it is better to add it to the defaults since it will  
help a lot of people If it is not added, please considere to prepare  
it as a simple ?iOS enhancementpack?  in backends.php which could be  
activated easily.

All of these added contact fields are already defined in  
attributes.php. They only have to be added to the default backend   
"localsql" in backends.php and the SQL schema of turba_objects  
(additional table columns).

Please find attached the added the backends.php and SQL changes.

The added fields/details are:
-	otherAddress
-	homePhone2
-	workPhone2
-	carPhone
-	radioPhone
-	companyPhone

Additions in backends.php:

$cfgSources['localsql'] = array(
     'map' => array(
         '__key' => 'object_id',
         /* New: ?other address? and communication entries*/
         'otherStreet' => 'object_otherstreet',
         'otherPOBox' => 'object_otherpob',
         'otherCity' => 'object_othercity',
         'otherProvince' => 'object_otherprovince',
         'otherPostalCode' => 'object_otherpostalcode',
         'otherCountry' => 'object_othercountry',
         'otherAddress' => array('fields' => array('otherStreet', 'otherCity',
                                 'format' => "%s \n %s, %s  %s"),
         'homePhone2' => 'object_homephone2',
         'workPhone2' => 'object_workphone2',
         'carPhone' => 'object_carphone',
         'radioPhone' => 'object_radiophone',
         'companyPhone' => 'object_companyphone',
     'tabs' => array(
         _("Location") => array('homeStreet', 'homePOBox', 'homeCity',
                                'homeProvince', 'homePostalCode',  
                                 'workStreet', 'workPOBox', 'workCity',
                                 'workProvince', 'workPostalCode',  
                                 'otherStreet', 'otherPOBox', 'otherCity',
                                 'otherProvince', 'otherPostalCode',  

        _("Communications") => array('email', 'homePhone',  
'homePhone2', 'workPhone',
                                      'workPhone2', 'carPhone',  
'radioPhone', 'companyPhone',
                                      'assistPhone', 'homeFax',
                                      'cellPhone', 'fax', 'pager', 'imaddress',
                                      'imaddress2', 'imaddress3'),

Additions on SQL schema of turba_objects:

object_homephone2 character varying(50),
object_carphone character varying(50),
object_workphone2 character varying(50),
object_radiophone character varying(50),
object_companyphone character varying(50),
object_otherstreet character varying(255),
object_otherpob character varying(10),
object_othercity character varying(255),
object_otherprovince character varying(255),
object_otherpostalcode character varying(10),
object_othercountry character varying(255),

Many thanks,

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