[Tickets #11738] Re: Revamped kolab-webmail bundle for H5

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  Ticket           | 11738
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  Zusammenfassung  | Revamped kolab-webmail bundle for H5
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jmozdzen at nde.ag (2013-03-07 12:39) hat geschrieben:

>>> - Why did you remove the mbox_icon and display_folder hooks?
>> Do you see this as unresolved? I have not received any response to my
>> comments and was not able to resolve the issue myself.
>> I just retested, when activating the mbox_icon hook the folder list
>> on the left no longer loads in IMP, but despite DEBUG logging I
>> couldn't spot obvious error messages. It's sufficient to have the
>> code in hooks.php, even when not activated in imp/conf.d.
> You mentioned fatal errors earlier in the ticket, but I didn't see a  
> bug report or more detailed information about those anywhere. If  
> they don't work, they need fixing, not disabling.

This ticket is about code specific to the kolab package, the code in  
question no longer works with the new version, I reported the problem  
and suggested a solution (code removal) - I didn't see the need for a  
separate ticket.

Lacking a response telling me differently, I assume that that the code  
is based on functionality no longer available in the current version  
of Horde. As nobody besides me seems to miss Kolab integration at all,  
removing eye candy shouldn't be a problem at all.

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