[Tickets #12103] Re: Blank page on browsing turba address books

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Mon Mar 11 19:28:00 UTC 2013


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/12103
  Ticket             | 12103
  Updated By         | Michael Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org>
  Summary            | Blank page on browsing turba address books
  Queue              | Horde Framework Packages
  Version            | Git master
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Resolved
  Priority           | 1. Low
  Milestone          |
  Patch              |
  Owners             | Jan Schneider, Michael Rubinsky, Michael Slusarz

Michael Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org> (2013-03-11 13:28) wrote:

> Changes have been made in Git (master):
> commit ddb8342bb51c88af4cedce8b60857726c7671679
> Author: Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>
> Date:   Mon Mar 11 17:59:17 2013 +0100
>     Explicitly check if $injector exists (Bug #12103).
>     Since this code is called directly from PHP as an error handler,  
> we have no
>     control when the code is called, and whether the injector has  
> already been
>     created or has already been destructed.

As to the former - that is just an incorrect statement.  If hordeInit  
is non-empty, than injector MUST have been initialized.  Period.   
Anything else is a PHP bug.

And the latter is also an incorrect statement.  Absolutely no  
destruction goes on before a custom error handler is triggered.  If  
your custom error handler doesn't exit the script internally, PHP will  
continue to process the script.  Fatal errors are not fatal at the  
engine level; they are fatal at the error reporting level.

So let's call a spade a spade.  This fix is nothing more than a patch  
against broken PHP installations.  It has nothing to do with how we  
handle error reporting.

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