[Tickets #12139] Re: Sort by message date broken starting with horde_imap_client 2.7.0

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Wed Mar 27 14:04:04 UTC 2013


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  Ticket             | 12139
  Updated By         | aria at bsc.gwu.edu
  Summary            | Sort by message date broken starting with
                     | horde_imap_client 2.7.0
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  Version            | Git master
  Type               | Bug
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aria at bsc.gwu.edu (2013-03-27 14:04) wrote:

> It doesn't happen in basic mode since there is no mechanism to  
> explicitly change the Date sort - it ALWAYS uses the 'datesort'  
> preference.
> Since the datesort preference defaults to sequence (pre-6.0.4:  
> arrival, which is slightly different), basic view out-of-the-box  
> will NEVER display messages in date *display* order (i.e. the dates  
> that are actually displayed on the screen).  Sequence sort can  
> appear to not be sorted because it is not using those display dates  
> - it is using the order the messages were added to the mailbox.

Well then I am not sure what to say.  I clearly see the sorting  
problem in Basic mode as well as other modes.  In Basic mode, if I  
login using horde_imap_client version after 2.6.0, the default sort  
order is 'arrival time' which is what I want and is low overhead.   
However, if I click the 'Date' column header, the sorting is changed  
to 'sort by message date' to my understanding.  Once this happens, the  
sorting is completely messed up.  If I click the 'Clear Sort' button,  
then from my understanding, the sort is returned to 'arrival time'  
order and everything is OK again.  So, not sure why you said that date  
sort is not available in Basic mode.  On my production IMP 4.x system,  
this is how it operates as well, however, there there is not clear  
sort button, you have to click the column header with a # sign in it.

I still suspect something is broken between 2.6 and 2.7 in  
horde_imap_client.  Perhaps something that actually processes the mail  
headers and dates within them.

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