[Tickets #12155] Re: ActiveSync and HTC Sensation: Reminder time set to -1

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  Summary            | ActiveSync and HTC Sensation: Reminder time set to -1
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Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2013-05-01 21:11) wrote:

>> Thanks, working! The phone also has a reminder option next to "None"
>> which is "Timely".
>> It sends "0" as reminder value for it. Grrr.
> I just noticed the same thing on an iOS 4.2.1 based device:
> For all day events, it has a reminder option of "At the day of the event".
> This also sends "0" for the reminder tag. If you disable the  
> reminder for an all day event, it ghosts (=does not send) the XML  
> tag. Hmm.

This is correct.

It's not really "ghosting" the tag. A ghosted tag is one which has  
been sent in an initial "SUPPORTED" node of a SYNC request. When  
editing the object on the client, if the property is not changed from  
the initial value then it is not sent in the MODIFY command (i.e., it  
is ghosted). If the element is not sent during the INITIAL creation,  
it has no value (i.e., there is no reminder set).

When setting the reminder for "At the day of the Event" it should go  
off at the beginning of the day i.e., 12:00am, which is also the start  
time of an all day event. In other words, it's 0 minutes before the  
start time.

> Does the spec make a special case for all days events?

No. See above.

> On the iOS 6 device, that option is gone again :o)

Gotta love it.

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