[Tickets #12203] Re: windows phone 8: activeSync syncs only email subjects, text body is invisible.

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Mon Jun 3 14:15:53 UTC 2013


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  Ticket             | 12203
  Updated By         | syn at outworlds.de
  Summary            | windows phone 8: activeSync syncs only email subjects,
                     | text body is invisible.
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  Type               | Bug
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  Owners             | Michael Rubinsky

syn at outworlds.de (2013-06-03 14:15) wrote:

>> ## ??
>> 2013-06-03T13:31:51+00:00 INFO: Possible unmatched content (peeking
>> or empty tag?)
>> ## ??

That is the line which cought my attention.

> Is this really a copy/paste of the complete log snippet? The  
> <SYNCronize> should not be capitalized like that, and the PARTIAL  
> sync should contain at least *some* collection data (otherwise it's  
> not a PARTIAL, but an EMPTY sync). This log snippet doesn't show any  
> email being synched. For this to be useful, I will need a portion of  
> the log showing an actual email being sent that *doesn't contain the  
> email body*.

It wasn't a copy/paste, I changed details like USER and Device ID's  
for privacy reason. Is there a private email address I could send the  
logifle to you directly? Maybe the one used in here?

>> I'm sorry but i doubt that its a WP8 problem, as this only occured
>> after upgrade to 5.0.5.
> I cannot reproduce this on my WP8 device (or WP7, or WP 6.5). The  
> log the OP posted shows the *full* email data being sent to the  
> device. If the device chooses not to display it, there is nothing  
> Horde can do about it.
> Additionally, the fact that unchecking and checking the "email sync"  
> on the client causes the full data to be displayed tells me that the  
> client *has* the data to display. There is nothing in the protocol  
> that says "Here is the data, but don't display it until I tell you  
> to."
> Unless somebody can give me a step by step to reproduce this on my  
> device, there is not much I can do since the data *is* being sent to  
> the client.

Well, my step by step was to upgrade Horde Webmail from 5.0.3 to  
5.0.5. Nothing else changed.

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